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This Is Us

Located in Downtown Brentwood, we are your Go-To Neighborhood Cafe

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The Sip and Scoop Story

August 2015

My days as a stay at home mom were coming to an end. That's because all of my five kids were finally going to be attending school full time. I searched around for that perfect job with flexible hours, decent pay and no commute. It was very difficult to find anything local. I tried a few different jobs but nothing worked out nor was anything "amazing' I was frustrated. I needed to find something but for my demographic, there just wasn't much to find locally.

April 2016

My husband suggested that I sell Italian ice out of a push cart to the local schools as a fundraiser. I dug my heels in for a few days and said "NO WAY" but after making some calls decided that it just might be slightly "amazing". I called our local schools and received approval from the school district and the Contra Costa Health Department and that's where our story begins.

Ice Cream, Coffee, Food, and Community

November 2017

We bought our food trailer and added espresso drinks, hot cocoa and gelato to our menu. Our booking calls and sales rocketed! In May 2018, we bought our second food truck to keep up with the demand.

May 2016 - January 2019

Our food trucks and carts have participated in various fundraisers, local community events, local community and some northern California outreach programs, festivals, etc. We have been busy! It was becoming amazing!

January 2019

In the new year, I was excited to not add new vehicles to our "fleet". I was excited to just work. But someone mentioned that the City of Brentwood was looking for local coffee shops to turn in bids for the local library cafe. As I was driving to the library to just take a look at the space, I noticed that the owners at 234 Oak Street Suite B in Downtown Brentwood had a "closed" sign up. I called him up to inquire and within 2 days, we had an arrangement on paper. By mid February, we had acquired the keys to the store.

June 22, 2019

After months of demolitions and remodel, as a family, we ripped the paper off of the windows and opened our doors.


Sip And Scoop California finally has a place to call home!! I had finally found my AMAZING JOB!

- Vicky Little

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